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  • July and August Calendar
  • Watch the Graduation Ceremony!
  • Intervention Program

Required Read if Applicable 

  • All High School Students
  • 10th and 11th Grade
  • Community Service During COVID-19

Required Read for New Families 

  • The Admissions Department
  • The Accounting Department
  • The Progress Department

Required to Read at Least Once 

  • Gifted and Higher-Level Learner Program
  • Spiritual Support
  • Family Handbook

Required Read

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Take the End of the Year Survey - NEW

  • During the summer, Enlightium administration will be reviewing your family's feedback for improvements for the 2020-2021 school year. 
  • We would love to hear from you, so please find 10 minutes of your time and take this survey.
  • We appreciate your feedback as we want you to have an amazing experience with Enlightium Academy. 

Planning Ahead

July and August Calendar - UPDATED

  • Monday, June 29 - Thursday, July 2: Enlightium office closed; schoolwork is assigned to summer school students
  • Friday, July 3: Enlightium office closed; schoolwork is not assigned to summer school students
  • Friday, July 17: Summer school ends
  • Friday, July 31 - Sunday, August 2: Summer school report cards sent to students in grades PreK-8
  • Wednesday, August 5: Summer school transcripts sent to students in grades 9-12
  • Friday, August 7: Enlightium’s office closed from 12 - 4 pm PT for staff and faculty school start training
  • Monday, August 10: Virtual Open House for PreK-8 and High School (9-12)
  • Wednesday, August 12: 1st day of the 2020-2021 school year

Click here for a printable 2020–2021 calendar, which your student can post at their workstation; this calendar includes summer school dates. The printable calendar for the 2019-2020 summer school schedule is also available.

Click here to add a digital calendar to your Google calendar. You may need to create a Gmail account.

Summer School Information


Summer provides an excellent opportunity for every student to excel academically. Whether you’re looking to recover credits from failed coursework or get a head start on next year, Enlightium Academy has a summer program to fit your needs.

Prepare for Next Year!

  • Claim your spot in an interactive webinar  with your student’s next year counselor
    • July is the last month to participate in a counselor webinar
    • See details below
  • Check supply lists  for any required purchases
    • Note the supply lists are subject to change during the summer while teachers review course content
  • Print out next year’s calendar for your refrigerator and for each student’s work station

Interactive Webinars (Grades PreK-11)

  • Enlightium counselors are pleased to announce that for the 2020-2021 school year, students will have an interactive webinar to answer their questions about the coming school year.
  • Incoming high school students and their parents/guardians only need to attend one webinar before the first day of the 2020-2021 school year. Topics discussed include choosing courses, community service, and more. July is the last month to participate in a counselor webinar so sign up if you have not already.
  • Sign Up For Your Webinar

Watch the Graduation Ceremony! - NEW

  • Congratulations to our graduating seniors! 
  • Watch the Graduation Ceremony here and remember to like, comment, and share with friends and family!
  • Due to COVID-19, this year’s live graduation ceremony was adjusted to an exclusive meet and greet Zoom session with Enlightium personnel and other Enlightium families. However, 2020 graduating seniors have the option to symbolically walk across the stage at next year’s live graduation ceremony.

Report Cards, Transcripts, and Awards - NEW

  • Students in grades PreK-8 will receive report cards via email between Friday, June 19 and Sunday, June 21.
  • Students in grades 9-11 will receive their transcripts via email between Friday, June 26 and Sunday, June 28 but can also request an expedited unofficial transcript
  • Seniors who met graduation requirementswill have their packages mailed via USPS by the end of June; note that shipping times vary. Senior packages include diplomas, unofficial and official transcripts, as well as any earned awards.
    • Official transcripts are sealed; once the seal is broken, it is considered an unofficial transcript. 
  • Students in grades PreK-8 who had a summer school extension should receive their final report cards the weekend of July 31, while students in grades 9-12 who had a summer school extension should receive their transcripts by August 5.
  • 1,050 award recipients out of approximately 2,000 students at the end of 2019-2020 school year. Applicable students will receive physical certificates of earned special awards. Promotion certificates will also be sent to students graduating kindergarten, 5th grade, and 8th grade. The awards are scheduled to be sent via mail by the end of June; note that shipping times vary. 

Teachers’ Notes - UPDATED

  • Enlightium teachers are eager to celebrate our students’ accomplishments! We especially want to congratulate all of our hard-working seniors who are finishing the race strong this year. We’re proud of you all; well done!

  • We are asking the Lord for his guidance as we strive to improve our curriculum and instruction for next school year. Our overarching goal across all grade levels is to structure student learning in ways that glorify Christ in creation and culture, while cultivating a love for learning in our students. As we enter the summer season, we pray that the Lord will equip us to achieve this goal.
  • While the pandemic continues to isolate people throughout the United States and the world, we also pray that God would provide our students with opportunities for connection and community during the weeks ahead.

Intervention Program - NEW

  • Enlightium Academy’s Intervention program is designed to support Enlightium’s students that are struggling academically regardless of grade or support level, with the exception of the parent-led Bronze Package.

  • The Intervention Team takes time to carefully review students and their unique challenges so that we can equip them with the necessary tools for academic success. We strive to help students make the most of their academic resources while promoting a growth mindset and cultivating effective learning habits. Our goal is to help our students to overcome their ongoing challenges so that they can become lifelong, independent learners.

Required Read if Applicable

All High School Students

2020-2021 Enrollment

  • We have many students that are already enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year! The Counseling Department is excited to begin the planning process with all incoming early-enrollment students in grades 8-11
    • The first step will be for the student to be proactive in their educational careers. Students in grades 9-11 can do this by revisiting their graduation plan. The graduation plan was sent prior to class assignments this year and is a working document that includes a tentative plan for the students’ remaining high school years. Students are able to provide comments and consider their elective choices through the dropdown lists or the link on the plan. Another very valuable resource for students to look over is the curriculum and graduation requirement sections in Enlightium’s website; this is how students in grade 8 can prepare for their high school years. A link for these sections can be found on the plan as well.
    • The second step is to sign up for one of the Live Informational Webinars. This year, high school counselors are working with students in groups to help them begin or continue to take ownership in their educational process. This also will give students a chance to meet their next year counselor “face to face”. Look out for an email for more information and to register for the webinar
  • Currently, there are over 200 pending community service submissions. Emails have gone out that included a video about how students can resubmit their hours successfully
    • Note that the hours submitted can only be verified through the x2VOL platform by the contact person entered in the submission. Therefore, the contact person’s email address must be correct, and the contact person will need to watch for an email from x2VOL with a link included. They must then click on the link to be directed to the student’s entry
    • Once the hours are verified through the x2VOL platform, the x2VOL Administrator is able to apply the verified hours to the student’s graduation goal
    • Please watch this video concerning important information about x2VOL and your community service hours. 

Community Service During COVID-19 Stay Home Directive

  • With our nationwide directive to “Stay Home and Stay Safe”, it is important that we still reach out through virtual means to connect with each other and our communities especially as we are called by Jesus to be the Salt and the Light (Matthew 5:13-16).
  • You will find many suggestions to help you follow the Lord’s call and fulfill your community service graduation requirements by viewing our suggestions for community service opportunities during the pandemic.
  • Also, to help ease the anxiety that students may be feeling while considering completing their community service goal, we will waive up to two hours of service for this year. Speak to your student’s counselor for details.

10th and 11th Grade

  • Please see the email with the subject line “SAT Testing Postponed“ for details about College Board’s SAT examination.

Required Read for New Families

The Admissions Department

  • Placement Tests
    • New students - Make sure you complete the Math and English Placement Tests as soon as they are assigned. Email admissions@enlightiumacademy.com if you have any questions
  • If you would like to speed up the process:
    • Please have your child complete the placement tests within days of receiving the Placement Test Assignment Notification
    • Send us a copy of your child’s report card (for the last two years) or transcript for high school. You can send the records to records@enlightiumacademy.com
  • An overview of your student’s account can be accessed through your parent portal
  • Individual units and lessons within courses can be accessed through your student’s Ignitia account

The Accounting Department

  • Some parents call in asking for our Tax ID number. Keep in mind that, even though a handful of states have tax benefits for private school enrollment, a Tax ID is not required for those credits. A Tax ID is only needed to receive federal credits on college tuition. Enlightium Academy will not be issuing 1098-T statements since only colleges and universities provide those statements. If you need your history of payments in 2019, email billing@enlightiumacademy.com to request a statement.

The Progress Department

  • Progress email notices will continue into the summer months for summer school students and early start students. Please use the progress summary emails that are sent to the primary parent’s email address as a resource to view potential red flags and help your student avoid falling critically behind.
    • If your student will be unable to work due to life circumstances or plans, please remember to submit the Absence Form here.
    • If you notice poor grades or low progress, please log into your parent portal or into the student’s account to check what your child is struggling with (lessons, quizzes, projects, or tests). Please reach out to your student’s teachers or counselor to discuss ways to improve low grades.
      • Please look at the assignment due dates to see if there are any assignments that are past due. You can also reach out to the Progress Department to discuss this.
    • If you did not receive an email but your student has attended a full week of school, please ensure you whitelist enlightiumacademy.com  in your email. You may also contact progress@enlightiumacademy.com if you are still not receiving emails from Enlightium Academy.

Required to Read at Least Once

Gifted and Higher-Level Learner (GHLL)

  • Is your child gifted or highly capable? Is your child advanced in any way? Does your child need to be challenged beyond their grade-level curriculum to excel? Enlightium’s Gifted and Higher-Level Learner Program provides the opportunity to unlock your child’s potential and elevate their learning to higher levels! 
  • "Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." -Leo Buscaglia
  • The Gifted and Higher-Level Learner (GHLL) Program is available to students in grades 5-8. The purpose of Enlightium’s GHLL Program is to meet the uniquely advanced needs of gifted, talented, and highly capable learners by providing opportunities to learn and progress at the individual student’s own pace, level, and ability
  • The GHLL Program is designed to: 
    • Provide one-on-one mentoring, evidence-based practices, specialized instruction, and project-based curriculum 
    • Enhance higher-level thinking, promote creative learning experiences, progress learning, maximize potential, and develop skills to solidify strengths and improve weaknesses
    • Teach your student how to learn and give them the tools to adapt in school and in the real world
    • Help your student cultivate metacognitive and self-regulating techniques to promote brain development
    • Sharpen your student’s ability to achieve success, help others, and grow in their walk with the Lord by understanding self-awareness, evaluating motivations, and exploring individual God-given purpose
    • Mentor your student to make positive Christ-centered changes within themselves, their families, their communities, and the world
    • Facilitate student-directed learning and peer collaboration
    • Ask mostly open-ended questions to allow your student to explain what they know and think without being limited to one correct answer
  • Visit the Gifted and Higher-Level Learner page for more information. If you think your student might be a good fit for this program, please fill out this form to let us know that you are interested

Spiritual Support - UPDATED

  • The Enlightium Prayer Support Team leads staff and faculty in prayer each week for the school, our students, and their families. We encourage students to reach out to staff or faculty with prayer requests, and we encourage families to use the Prayer Request Form on our website to submit prayer requests.
  • Bible Studies are available for students in grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. If your student is not in summer school but would like to continue with Bible Studies, you may find the Bible Study coordinator information on our Spiritual Development page.

Referral Program

  • If you’re having a great experience at Enlightium, take advantage of our Referral Program. With the Referral Program, you can refer a friend, a neighbor, or a member of your extended family to Enlightium. Both you and the referred family will receive a $50 Amazon gift card or a $50 credit on tuition. The referred party will receive a $50 credit on tuition upon writing your name in the referral section on the application. Check out Enlightium Academy’s Referral Program page for more information.

Family Handbook


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