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May and June Calendar 

  • Wednesday, May 4-Thursday, May 5:Spring assessment window for students in grades 3-8. Testing days are school days with no work assigned to students. 
  • Monday, May 30: Memorial Day; Enlightium’s office will be closed, but Ignitia will be available. Students can use this time to catch up or work ahead.
  • Tuesday, May 31/Friday, June 10: 4th Quarter and 2nd Semester ends; see “Last day of the school year” for more details.

Click here for a printable 2021–2022 calendar, which your student can post at their workstation. 

Click here to add a digital calendar to your Google calendar. You may need to create a Gmail account.

Last day of the school year

  • Grades Pre-K-11:
  • For most students, the last day of the school year is Friday, June 10, with a grace period which will provide students with access to Ignitia through Sunday, June 12 at 11:59 pm PT.
  • For students with a summer school extension or a unique schedule, you can find their last day of school in Ignitia. 
  • Grade 12:
  • For seniors on track to finish on time, the last day of the school year is Tuesday, May 31 at 11:59 pm PT.
  • For seniors not on track to finish on time, you can find the last day of school in Ignitia.

Spring Standardized Assessments

  • The annual Spring assessment window is May 4 and 5. These days are set aside for students to complete an annual assessment such as the IXL diagnostic or the Iowa Complete, which Enlightium will use to replace the Stanford 10.
  • Families who registered for either assessment will receive more information via the Enlightium Parents app leading up to the assessment window, followed by an email on May 4 to begin.
  • Learn more about the Spring assessment window.

Working During Breaks

  • Students have several breaks over the next few months and can utilize those non-school days by:
  • Working on projects (especially during Ignitia Down Days)
  • Catching up on overdue assignments
  • Working ahead in courses to potentially finish the semester/school year early

Enrollment for 2022-2023 School Year

  • Re-enrollment for returning students is open.
    • Your family should have received a pre-filled re-enrollment form for each student.
    • Reply to this email if you need the re-enrollment form to be resent or if you have any questions.

Teachers’ Notes (Grades 3-12) 

  • A great study habit is using a system that helps you break up your studying time with smaller sections. This practice helps you maintain your focus and be more effective with your time. The Pomodoro technique is a great example of this habit! You can actually use this resource as a timer for your screen to show you how it works. This will give you 25-minute work sections with 5-minute breaks. Make sure during your breaks to turn your mental efforts over to physical as you take a chance to stand up, have a quick, healthy snack, or even grab a breath of fresh air to bring you back ready to focus more! 
  • As we draw our school year closer to the end, remember to keep fresh your school year goals. It is important to keep those healthy habits and revisit what your goal is as well. What grade did you hope to attain in each class? What concept was on your radar to grow more effectively in? Keep communication strong with teachers, take ownership by looking at the gradebook to identify areas that may need to be revisited, and ask if that opportunity is available for a higher grade, and make sure to utilize resources available in each classroom.

2021-2022 New Student Enrollment

  • Do you have friends or family members who want to enroll at Enlightium either for the remainder of the current school year or for the upcoming school year?

  • When new families note they were referred by you, both families receive a $50 referral gift card or tuition credit!

Referral Program

  • If you’re having a great experience at Enlightium, take advantage of our Referral Program. With the Referral Program, you can refer a friend, a neighbor, or a member of your extended family to Enlightium. Both you and the referred family will receive a $50 Amazon gift card or a $50 credit on tuition. The referred party will receive a $50 credit on tuition upon writing your name in the referral section on the application. Check out Enlightium Academy’s Referral Program page for more information.

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